Hey Tauranga.

Here’s a 2022 challenge for you.  What if you could reduce road congestion, make our roads safer and our environment cleaner?  What if we could improve mental health and well-being? What if we could reduce stress, increase productivity and create better communities for all?

Are you up for the challenge?

With people power, and a different approach, we can do anything.  All we have to do is start.  Individually, yet collectively.

What's the wednesday challenge?

We’re challenging you to travel differently on a Wednesday for the year!

Instead of jumping in a car, by yourself, choose to bike, bus, scooter, walk, run, carpool, work from home or even catch the ferry.  Earn weekly points when you do and compete for rewards and prizes.  

Wherever you’re going – to work, the shops, visiting friends, going to appointments, doing the school run, heading to sports practice or the gym, running errands or just getting around, choose a better mode than your car.

challenge friends, businesses, neighbourhoods & schools

As a business or organisation you can set up teams and challenge internally or with other businesses across Tauranga. It’ll be fun and you’ll be contributing to a massive change, for good.  There’s weekly and monthly prizes for those taking part.

Why take part?

What's in it for you?

Good question. There's a pile of benefits:

improve your health and wellbeing.
be kinder on the environment.
reduce stress and lost time in traffic jams.
Increase your connection with friends, neighbours & workmates.
Earn points, get rewards and win prizes.
have fun challenging others...and beating them.
see how people power can make a difference.
contribute to something good.

how the challenge works for you

Not only can you do this as an individual but there are a number of different team, school and neighbourhood challenges you can join or get involved with.

Business + organisations challenge

Engage your team in a meaningful challenge that brings benefits to your employees and customers.

find out more

schools challenge

Our leaders of tomorrow are joining the challenge too. Getting to and from school just got a whole lot more fun.

find out more

neighbourhood challenge

Connect with your neighbours and share journeys. Can your neighbourhood beat the rest of Tauranga?

find out more
A cartoon cyclist, walker and bus are on a hilly path

What's the big goal?

There's always a big goal right?! There sure is with this challenge.

We're aiming for...

20% mode share,
one day a week, within a year

That's 20% out of their single occupancy cars and into a friendly travel mode. That will take us from the worst region in the country, at 5%, to leading the way for good and we'll achieve a 1% reduction in carbon emissions!

Help us get there!

join the challenge