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its time to do things differently in your NEIGHBOURHOOD
illustrated characters trundling along in a bus, on a bike and running along an undulating landscape

Light-up your business place, get your school students motivated and participating, change other sports or social teams or neighbourhoods and see who dominates the leaderboards.

Piloted in Tauranga in 2022 the Wednesday Challenge is now moving into towns and cities across New Zealand.  

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More cities and towns will be jumping on board throughout the year. If you don't see your location yet then join the challenge as a Nomad.

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I enjoyed The competition, the fitness, saving money by not having to pay for parking and petrol

Tauranga participant 2022

Full page width text saying The Big Why with a background of illustrated characters travelling in by different modes. In the foreground infront of the text illustrated characters bike and drive over an undulating landscape

Whether you are doing it for your fitness, your mental health, the environment, reducing road congestion or for the competitions and prizes there are loads of great reasons to take part in the challenge